RAIDERS PLAYERS (Trades, Cuts, Injuries, Rumors, etc.)

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Reason one, they are comfortable where they are, home, community, etc.
Reason two, unlike mcDonalds, there are very limited jobs at positions in the NFL
Reason three, going someplace else isn't always the best move.(SEE ALBERT HAYNESWORTH).  Most players don't get to pick and choose where they want to go, even free agents.  A team needs to have a need for that player/position.  Also depending on the CBA is the Salary cap.  So teams can't afford to get everyone they want.


--- Quote from: Millernation on January 10, 2011, 12:09:15 PM ---Listen to the panicky fans.  You don't know how free agency is going until after a CBA is announced.  So chill with the doomsday ranting. 

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Give me one good reason why any of these players would want to come back here?????????????????  And if $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is their only motivation then that is a really crappy answer.................but if they want to win then tell me..............................................would you want to play in OAKLAND if you are in search of a ring????????????????????????????????

Listen to the panicky fans.  You don't know how free agency is going until after a CBA is announced.  So chill with the doomsday ranting. 


--- Quote from: NCRaider on January 09, 2011, 02:09:07 PM ---Just when I didn't think the offseason could get any worse.....

Let's face it, we all saw this coming.  As a huge Nnamdi fan and recent owner of his authentic jersey (gulp $$) how can you pay him the average of the top 5 QBs? You can' just can't.  I love Nnamdi (reasons others have posted hellraider, sully, raiderwilde, rodney) shutting down half the field, but how many turnovers does he get us per game? How many times per game has he given our O the ball? Not he worth 1 million per game?

For the record the contract voided itself....Al didn't void the contract nor did Nnamdi.  Incentives were not reached and that triggered the void of the contract which both parties signed off on. Does it suck? Yes it sucks....when he walks and HE WILL (wouldn't you?) the flood gates will open and I see the whole makeup of our team changing.

This that guy....

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That is the Thing about him. He creates turnovers without having to do it himself. He shuts down their best receiver. Therefore quaterbacks have to throw to the second and third choices which as we saw this year we had interceptions and caused fumbles which most number 1 wideouts would not commit. He also, before injured, contained the outside on runs, he was, before injured, a great tackler. So yes to me he is worth it.


--- Quote from: Raider Bob from Knoxville on January 09, 2011, 05:26:50 PM ---

My question is this: Could Nnamdi by rule actually leave today and join the post season Jets? Is that even possible?
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The free agency period hasn't started yet (and may not if the isn't progress on the CBA before March), and the trading deadline is long past.

Here's something I just ran across.....a Vikings fan website....and people are talking about Nnamdi saying stuff like,
"Please, this is a guy we really need to sign !!!


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