RAIDERS PLAYERS (Trades, Cuts, Injuries, Rumors, etc.)

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Matty Raider:
Word is Reggie offered Jared $55 mil/6 year contract last night...........a little over $9M a year.......more than generous.  I guess Veldheer is taking the weekend to think about it.

Also rumor mill is that The Donkeys are interested in Lamarr Houston, it's just a rumor but   :-[

Matty Raider:
I promised I wouldn't bug out but the delay in signing these guys is making me a bit nervous.  I see it from both angles, no way should Reggie overpay for these guys but we have to resign our core players.  We can't just let guys walk every year.  Taking your emotions out of it, neither guy is Pro Bowl player nor do they deserve top tier.  Neither one is a top 10 at their position but they are our key guys, they MUST be resigned.  I am sticking to having faith in McKenzie, more so in the FA Department, the guy can find players....but we must resign our good existing ones!  We shall see.  I am waiting (im)patiently............

Lamarr Houston expects to be moving on
Jerry McDonald, BayAreaNewsGroup

Gotta love the lads heart. I didn't think much of him last year, but now I've taken a spot on the Pryor bandwagon...and only 1 game out??? Oh yeah baby...Just win....

Even at 2-4, if the season were to end today, the Raiders would only be one game out of the 2nd wildcard spot.


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