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No one calls me fat millerdouche. So i can care less what you say. Yes i did say the Raider Nation is built up of all races, however you live in a closet and at 45 you seem to be ashamed of who you are. Your race doesn't matter to me i was just curious. I was curious because your a disgrace to that race whatever it may be. If i had to guess i would say black. Your most likely black MILLERTWAT. Your afraid of the image of the black man. I'm sure your one of the guys who would be racist against his own kind. Similar to how you claim your a Raider fan yet talk trash about the team you say you like? Being critical about your team is different. You however take it to another level by diminishing players and attempting to belittle forum members although you are the closet troll. Your 45 years old, most likely a black man who thinks he is to educated for anyone and everything. You have to be right all the time even though your wrong most. You were probably dropped as a child, parents hated you etc etc. So you go on a Raider forum from your closet and talk smack over the internet to people you have no clue about. You talk about a lot of fat jokes well guess what i like being big. I rather be big than anorexic/bulimic which you probably are. Maybe you starve yourself. Maybe you were made fun of as a little kid for having your bones pop out of your skin and looking wierd. Maybe you weren't the typical "black" man. Your ashamed of your culture and/or heritage so you hide from your closet. I wonder what your father was thinking when he shot the millernation sperm. He probablly wasn't. Your father probaly wasn't even in your life which is a common trait in a lot of African American cultures which is unfortunately sad but true, so you hide your image you hide who you really are. Get a clue dude. Your words don't mean shit to me. Keep saying what you say because at the end of the day you make yourself look like 45 year old retarded man trying to act smart. In reality your a dumbass and a waste of sperm.

Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:
there is no let's's fun...internet drama up in this bitch


--- Quote from: Millernation on March 23, 2011, 07:37:21 PM ---I don't run from bullies.  Maybe if you ignore me I will go away
--- End quote ---

This statement further proves my point. And proves what everyone here believes about you. You are only a troll here to cause problems. You really need a life.

Matty Raider:
Damn...we gotta get some football....I log onto the site to get some Raider news and all it is a dick measuring contest. 

Enough already fellas...

Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:
and...millernation, send some money to the podcast


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