RAIDERS PLAYERS (Trades, Cuts, Injuries, Rumors, etc.)

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Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:
there is no let's's fun...internet drama up in this bitch


--- Quote from: Millernation on March 23, 2011, 07:37:21 PM ---I don't run from bullies.  Maybe if you ignore me I will go away
--- End quote ---

This statement further proves my point. And proves what everyone here believes about you. You are only a troll here to cause problems. You really need a life.

Matty Raider:
Damn...we gotta get some football....I log onto the site to get some Raider news and all it is a dick measuring contest. 

Enough already fellas...

Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:
and...millernation, send some money to the podcast

Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:

--- Quote from: Millernation on March 23, 2011, 03:41:12 PM ---
--- Quote from: oklandraida84 on March 23, 2011, 12:10:37 PM ---No one is going to see your comments and take the good from it, as you always have to instigate someone or something. You can't just stop with an educated post. For instance at the end of what you just said you just had to put RaiderSilly at the end? Dude seriously get a clue. Your not a Raider fan. You hate the Raider image. You hate most Raider fans. You think Jack Tatum is a dirty player (still). Explain the Raider in that? Please explain? You love pulling personal attacks, as you have seen photos or videos of people who are on this forum. Which is fine just makes me wonder why you haven't showed your face? Maybe your some small anorexic fuck that is just to embarrassed to show who you really are. No one here likes who you are or what you represent, so why continue to come to forum where your clearly not welcome? Funny thing is you come up with these fat jokes or these racial Mexican comments but what race are you? You to much of a closet troll to say that to? I have said it once i will say it again. YOUR EITHER WITH THE RAIDER NATION OR AGAINST IT and clearly we see where you stand.

--- End quote ---

U want people to stop calling you fat, lose some weight.  Stop being selfish, think about your family because all that weight you carry is not healthy. You are a prime diabetes candidate.  Being a fan doesn't mean you can't criticize the team or any players.  How can U be the judge of who a raider fan is?  I don't hate the raider image, I dislike the stereotype.  Not all raider fans are ignorant thugs who only look to intimidate others.  There is no embarrassment.  I just don't feel to gloss myself.  What difference does my race make?  Raider fans come in all colors right?  your against raider nation or against it comment is so juvenile.   What are you the emperor in star wars?  Here is a line you may understand "Only a Sith speaks in absolutes".  It's not life or death.  Why do fans take this shit more serious than the players?

--- End quote ---

you talk about other people's comments being juvenile, yet the beginning of your post is picking on overweight people...


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