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Raider Jake:

--- Quote from: NCRaider on March 08, 2011, 07:23:08 PM ---o-line next year? LT Veldheer LG Loper C Satele RG Campbell RT Henderson?

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That looks about right except the Henderson part.  I would like to see us re-sign Langston Walker. We played well last year and some competition at that spot wouldn't hurt.

o-line next year? LT Veldheer LG Loper C Satele RG Campbell RT Henderson?

I am still torn on the option of us selecting a QB. What's to say we don't end up utter shit this season and get first dibs on Andrew Luck next year? LMAO.  I kid nation, could not help myself.

The late round QB class is not very appealing so i hope we strengthen other areas as I'm sure Jason has a good few years in him!

Raider Jake:
Via National Football Post: Oakland has signed G Daniel Loper to a 2 year contract that will pay him $1.9 million in 2011 and $2.0 million in 2012. Looks like our replacement for Gallery is already here! Loper played well when he was called upon last season so I like that we kept him. Even if he ends up as a back up, he is a good one to have. Michael Bennett's contract is a 1 year for a base salary of $865,000. Another solid back up to have. The guy still moves well despite his age and he is a solid special teamer. A pair of good signings!



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--- Quote from: Matty Raider on March 07, 2011, 03:27:28 PM ---I have been looking at some of the mock drafts for our team and some post that we should draft a QB perhaps this year.

I say no.


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I agree with you. I would hate to see a pick wasted on a QB in rounds 2 through 5 this year.  We have other immediate needs IMO. I don't mind taking a flyer late on someone late that we can develop.  Then again I'm not sure we've really ever developed a young QB draft choice into someone productive regardless of round.

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Well, if Gradkowski doesn't end up on the team in 2011, we'll need to pick up a 3rd QB from somewhere. I guess that leaves free agency if we don't draft anyone. Who could we get or should we get in free agency?

I wonder what kind of shape Jeff George is in? ;)  Hey....what about J-Russ? :o

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Jeff George would give his left nut for another tryout. Now if he was drinking tigerblood maybe we have a winner. 



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