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o-line next year? LT Veldheer LG Loper C Satele RG Campbell RT Henderson?

I am still torn on the option of us selecting a QB. What's to say we don't end up utter shit this season and get first dibs on Andrew Luck next year? LMAO.  I kid nation, could not help myself.

The late round QB class is not very appealing so i hope we strengthen other areas as I'm sure Jason has a good few years in him!

Raider Jake:
Via National Football Post: Oakland has signed G Daniel Loper to a 2 year contract that will pay him $1.9 million in 2011 and $2.0 million in 2012. Looks like our replacement for Gallery is already here! Loper played well when he was called upon last season so I like that we kept him. Even if he ends up as a back up, he is a good one to have. Michael Bennett's contract is a 1 year for a base salary of $865,000. Another solid back up to have. The guy still moves well despite his age and he is a solid special teamer. A pair of good signings!



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--- Quote from: Matty Raider on March 07, 2011, 03:27:28 PM ---I have been looking at some of the mock drafts for our team and some post that we should draft a QB perhaps this year.

I say no.


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I agree with you. I would hate to see a pick wasted on a QB in rounds 2 through 5 this year.  We have other immediate needs IMO. I don't mind taking a flyer late on someone late that we can develop.  Then again I'm not sure we've really ever developed a young QB draft choice into someone productive regardless of round.

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Well, if Gradkowski doesn't end up on the team in 2011, we'll need to pick up a 3rd QB from somewhere. I guess that leaves free agency if we don't draft anyone. Who could we get or should we get in free agency?

I wonder what kind of shape Jeff George is in? ;)  Hey....what about J-Russ? :o

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Jeff George would give his left nut for another tryout. Now if he was drinking tigerblood maybe we have a winner. 


Raider Greg:

--- Quote from: Raider Jake on March 07, 2011, 05:31:31 PM ---Hearing rumors that the Cowboys are interested in Michael Huff. With Texas being his home state he could definitely head there. I know he's not a great safety, but hes a good safety and we cant afford to loose anymore starters this off season. If we do loose him, I would like to see us go after Iowa safety Tyler Sash. I've sen this kid play and the only thing he does is make big interceptions and big hits. We could use him on our defensive backfield.

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We can NOT be a farm team like the Oakland A's!!!! We train them then at their prime trade them to another team......This will keep us from EVER reaching the Goal.....Why can't we keep a team together? Key players NEED to stay here and Huff daddy is one of those guys......Not great but good enough to get it done and he is still getting better.....It takes time to become a great DB.....Let's hope the Raiders are getting it done this season.....


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