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Matty Raider:
Here's an interesting article...

I tried to argue some of the points...I guess I just didn't want to concede how UTTERLY INCOMPETENT our front office is, but this actually sums it up perfectly.  This team is a dumpster fire.

Autumn Wind Williams:
It appears media is now waking up a little bit lately now that the Raider Nation is saying, "We are not gonna accept your bullshit anymore!" Where are the Chargers Super bowl rings? Why are there more Raider fans in San Diego than Charger fans?

Write your little mid-term papers on that!!!!


The New Silver & Black

"Reggie's my guy. He did inherit a mess, and he's still cleaning. I can be patient with him..."

               -Mark Davis in Sports Illustrated

Everything we've been talking about lately here at Raider Take is now reported in great detail in the new issue of Sports Illustrated, in an extensive five-page spread titled The New Silver & Black: "SI followed Oakland's brain trust over the course of a year as it worked to transform the culture of an iconic franchise..."

Note: you can find an online synopsis of that magazine article here:

Simply put, this is a must-read for all Raiders fans.

From the story: "When McKenzie went to view the club's draft room last year, he discovered that none existed, so he had one built from scratch. When he requested the team's scouting questionnaires for evaluating college prospects, he learned there weren't any, so he created them."

In the piece, Mark Davis takes responsibility for the Carson Palmer deal. Dennis Allen is quoted as saying, "I want guys who love football, who are willing to put the team first...Who exemplify those characteristics." We learn that the Raiders were the only team that didn't subscribe to the psychological testing program available to each team before the draft.

This piece is ultimately a monument to hope, as achieved through radical change and, alas, necessary patience.

Please go read it, and then let's hash it out in the comments section.

Note from Randy:

I think when they said in the article that prior to Reggie McKenzie the Raiders had no draft "war room", they meant they didn't have much of a war room. I saw the Raiders' draft room when I took a tour of the Raiders' headquarters in Alameda a couple of years ago. The tour guide referred to it as the "war room" for the draft, and even showed us Al's chair, where he always sat at the head of the table.

From what I remember, it looked just like a typical conference room, with a big oval table in the middle of the room and a white board at the opposite end of the table from where Al Davis sat. Besides that, they had a TV set on which to view the draft, and several telephones, but that was about it. The tour guide told us that this was one room where Mr. Davis did not allow photos to be taken. I wonder if he was afraid of other teams seeing his setup, and didn't want them copying it.

I remember seeing an article shortly after Reggie was hired, that mentioned remodeling he was having done to the Raider' draft room. It showed him sitting in a smaller room he had built off to the side of the main conference room, where he had had some computer equipment installed. It showed Reggie sitting at the computer.

So the Raiders did have a draft room when Al Davis was running things, but I'm sure it was NOT "state of the art". It probably lacked all the latest high tech equipment that all the other NFL teams most likely have in their war rooms.

Here is a photo I found online of the Raiders "War Room" during last year's draft:

Hey, check out this photo of the Packers' War Room from 2012 that I just found online. Look familiar?:

Revolutionary Raider:
A couple of links you all might appreciate.

Voluntary Off Season Workouts April 15th, 2013

SB Nation, Silver and Black Pride

Tokai Raider:

--- Quote from: Matty Raider on April 12, 2013, 07:29:07 AM ---...but not charged.

--- End quote ---

god damn it. how hard is it to not pull this knuckleheaded shit? seriously. what a bunch of morons.


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