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Author Topic: SmartPhone Podcast Apps (Podcaster and Stitcher)  (Read 3960 times)

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SmartPhone Podcast Apps (Podcaster and Stitcher)
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 07:40:58 AM »
Here is a good app I discovered. It's called STITCHER. It's free and you can download shows wirelessly, no syncing to a computer necessary. Easy to register. Just give an email address and create a password. If you have an iPhone, just go to the App Store and download it. Also available for Blackberry, Android, and Palm. It even gets live radio stations. Check it out.


Another app that I think actually works better for downloading podcasts (but doesn't have live radio shows) is an app called PODCASTER. It's not free, but it only costs $1.99. Podcaster seems to refresh the podcasts better than Stitcher does. It took several days after we put up a new podcast episode before it showed up in Stitcher, but it showed up immediately in Podcaster. I downloaded both of them to my iPhone. Nice to have different ways to get podcasts and radio shows if you're not near a computer...so it was worth the $1.99 to me. You can decide for yourself if you think it's something you'll use.

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