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houston raider:
              when the cowboys used to lose in  playoff games they would say the other team didn;t beat us-we beat living hear in texas oilers fans took TONS of verbal abuse from cowboys fans-it was pretty nasty(still is)...sound familiar raider fans in the bay area..?..the verbal abuse from the 49ers fans(NONSTOP)....

houston raider:
              when i was younger i also used to follow the miami dolphins/dan marino/don shula...the dolphins LOST to the 49ers 38-16 in the super bowl in palo alto,cal...i remember hearing the bay area/49ers media members that miami dolphins should get rid of everyone with their last name starting with "B"...remember the killer b miami defense...?
     I have heard steve young acting like a Pompous jerk when talking about the 49ers(FOR YEARS)-him talking bad about the raiders in a typical 49ers condescending way.Just last weekend i heard some 49ers fans saying we are undefeated in super bowls...all these ravens fans will be upset when they lose against the 49ers on super bowl sunday-to them it was a given .
      ask any raiders fan in the bay area about the verbal abuse they have taken over All the years from the 49ers faithful.....
       saints fans in new orleans were wearing their saints gear during super bowl week-NOt 49ers stuff...and they were chearing for the Ravens....same thing for all the cowboy fans i encountered at a houston area bar...same thing for texans fans-EVERYONE chearing for the ravens-only ONE dude was wearing a 49ers crabtree jersey...

49ers say the best team lost

Tokai Raider:
the story is pretty funny, with a niner fan getting scammed out of $5900. it would be really hard for a raider fan to get scammed out of playoff tickets ... because the raiders would first have to make it to the playoffs. ouch.

Tim Brown’s allegations about Super Bowl XXXVII fade, but questions remain
Mike Florio,


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