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The mayor of San Diego has offered Qualcomm Stadium for this Sunday's Raiders/Chargers game. That would be interesting if it were to happen. I went on the website yesterday, out of curiosity. It was started by a couple of Chargers fans who started a podcast (BoltTalk Podcast) shortly after we started Raider Nation Podcast in 2005. When I went on there yesterday I listened to the beginning of their latest show, and it became obvious that they now root against the Chargers due to their move to Los Angeles. The wish more ill on the Chargers and the Spanos family, and they said they hope the Raiders crush the Chargers this weekend.   :)

Mayor Faulconer: SD willing to help NFL if Bolts-Raiders can't play in Oakland

Latest BoltTalk Podcast Episode:


--- Quote from: RaiderWildeStyle on February 03, 2012, 09:21:07 PM ---Question is.. If the Raiders do move back to L.A, Do you do what half the fan base of the Raiders did 30 years ago & jump on the 49'ers bandwagon?

--- End quote ---

Lol bunch of bandwagoners.

Get ready, Las Vegas: All signs point to the Raiders winning relocation vote Monday

Report: Raiders Relocation Fee to be $325-375 Million

Oakland Raiders closing in on potential move to Las Vegas

Owners may vote on Raiders proposed move next week

Report: NFL makes Raiders Las Vegas relocation fee more workable


Raiders line up Bank of America financing for Las Vegas stadium

Purdy: High-stakes drama with Raiders and Las Vegas–so buckle up for a showdown NFL vote in three weeks

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf met with NFL owners about Raiders stadium

Raiders Secure Financial Backing for Vegas Move Following Adelson Blow Out

Las Vegas still leads the pack in pursuit of Raiders

Raiding Taxpayers’ Pockets

Raiders President Marc Badain says financing for Las Vegas stadium won't be an issue

Raiders president on Vegas move: ‘We are not deterred’

Why Raiders are so confident about L.V. stadium financing

JT the Brick on Las Vegas stadium situation - Friday Feb. 10th


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