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Stadium Issues

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houston raider:
 When i was flying in for the Steelers game(from Las vegas) two men were sitting in my area....Both work for the aramark concession company...they worked in the suites for the VIPS that would be attending the game.I mentioned this to Greg and his impression is that the raiders will be moving to Los Angeles once their lease expires at the O coliseum.

And of course theres the other location in Industry which would be a much better venue for a pro football team who ever it may AEG runs the operations at the is that part of the  sale too it doesnt say???...

AEG buyer will likely inherit L.A. stadium effort
Mike Florio,

Anschutz’s interest in selling AEG could derail NFL’s L.A. plans
Mike Florio,

Steelers' owner thinks NFL will have one or two teams in L.A. within 5 years. Raiders a candidate.


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