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Stadium Issues

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So AEG are already doing business with the Raiders...lots of possibilites could happen out of this relationship...very interesting :o

AEG confirmed as operator of Coliseum
Angela Woodall, Contra Costa Times

Playing the 49ers stock market: Seat values can rise, fall sharply
Mike Rosenberg, Mercury News

Randy: Coliseum authority holds out for tighter anti-poaching promise
Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune


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--- Quote from: Randy on June 10, 2012, 05:42:47 PM ---Seat/ticket prices for new 49ers stadium

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another reason why the fans shouldnt be all getting anxious about a new stadium.

Raiders at the means cheap tickets. A 2nd stadium in the bay area means raider tickets will go thru the roof.

Cant they just rennovate the current Coliseum? New coat of silver paint (when the A's leave) a new jumbotron. Dont burden the fansrden the fans with a flashy new stadium when we are just as happy with the black hole (IMO)

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I paid more than the 49ers fans are moaning about for my Raiders PSLs 15 years ago.....for a renovated multi-purpose stadium. But then seats are in the club section (not to be mistaken for a "luxury box" seats are out in the open). Those 49ers club prices are CRAZY! But my club seats were more expensive (and still are) than the most expensive non-club seats in that new 49ers stadium.

I guess I should look at the benefits of being "in the club". It gives me the privilege of going into the club bar and paying $13 for a drink.  :o  That's gotta be worth paying double for your seat.  :-\  Problem is, if you want to sit in the 2nd deck, near mid-field, club seats is the only way you can sit there....whether you want to go into the club bar or not. If the Raiders do build a new stadium, and I end up getting seats in it....I'm afraid it's going to be "bye-bye club....hello end zone (or nose-bleed upper level).


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