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Stadium Issues

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--- Quote from: Randy on June 10, 2012, 05:42:47 PM ---Seat/ticket prices for new 49ers stadium

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another reason why the fans shouldnt be all getting anxious about a new stadium.

Raiders at the means cheap tickets. A 2nd stadium in the bay area means raider tickets will go thru the roof.

Cant they just rennovate the current Coliseum? New coat of silver paint (when the A's leave) a new jumbotron. Dont burden the fansrden the fans with a flashy new stadium when we are just as happy with the black hole (IMO)


--- Quote from: Randy on June 10, 2012, 05:42:47 PM ---Seat/ticket prices for new 49ers stadium

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LMAO...bunch of whiners...straight up hosing of the fans...they're better off just buying single game tickets...fuck all that reserve seating shit it looks like they're going forward with this new stadium in Santa Clara without the Raiders 8)...where does that leave the Raiders?? ;)...

Seat/ticket prices for new 49ers stadium

Sports economics hinder Oakland
Matthew Artz, Oakland Tribune

If the Raiders move or not it's a win win for ME!  Cause if they stay I can see my team till I'm old and crapping in my diapers....  Or if they Move... I will be free of this Raider addiction and cleanse myself of the 29 years of filth on my soul since our last SB win!  I would say good riddance with a smile and play pebble beach golf course once a year for the rest of my life! .... So I could fucking care less if they stay or go... I am so sick of hearing this shit since they moved back in 1995... If it was so possible to move to L.A. you'd think they'd been gone after the 2006 (2-14) season or all the other NON-Sellout seasons!... Or when Al Davis Re-newed our lease 3 years ago...That was a opportunity to leave and didn't..... MArk Davis would have to sell the team to move to L.A. to share rights with the City of L.A Financiers .....    So I seriously doubt He'll do that and move!....  If they do I will be truly FREE of all my addictions  ;D


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