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Stadium Issues

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Nothing has been shot down...options are still open, just because Goodell say something dont mean he can keep a team from moving...Mark Davis is in the drivers seat and he will do whatever it takes to get a stadium for the RAIDERS...personally I dont care where the Raiders make home, as a fan like all of you...I want them closer to me...but if they move to England...I will still be a RAIDER fan...cities dont mean shit...topics like this shows whos a real Raider and eliminates the fakers!...RAIDERNATION for Life homies!... 8)

2 Franchises were there once.........they left because nobody cared.................The Trojans are the team for LA......its a basketball and baseball town..............period............!

raider kyle:
I heard that the chance the raiders move to la has been shot down....YES!!!! I didn't think it was fair to move back to LA especially since the fan base is so good in oakland

Raiders likely to remain in Oakland
by Just Blog Baby


--- Quote from: RaiderWildeStyle on February 04, 2012, 07:23:40 AM ---Tidbit from everyone favorite mercury blogger TIM KAWAKAMI in regards to the Santa Clara Stadium

And York said he worked out with Mark Davis earlier today, and had lunch with him, but said that they didn’t really talk about anything except football.

Folks, now that the 49ers are locking up financing without Raiders involvement, the chances of the Raiders sharing a Santa Clara are almost nil.

The only way the 49ers were going to contemplating sharing a new stadium with the Raiders is if they couldn’t get the money any other way. They’re getting the money.

And I don’t think Mark Davis is very interested in sharing a stadium, anyway.

--- End quote ---

I still don't understand how a $200 Million loan (not gift) from the NFL makes this a slam dunk that the 49ers wouldn't want to share the stadium. If the money is just a loan, as I've read that it is, they'll have to pay it back...probably with interest. The stadium will cost a Billion dollars or more. So even with this loan, they still have to come up with a full Billion dollars or more eventually. How does this loan make it less likely that the 49ers would want to save a half billion dollars if they can?

Here's an article about the "loan":

well, maybe it's NOT a loan (even they they refer to it as one) this
Here is an exerpt from the above article:

"...The 49ers owner, however, rejected characterizing the NFL's contribution as a straight loan, saying it amounted to "NFL support" for the project, composed of a "fairly intricate" combination that will go toward financing construction of the stadium

There had been speculation the NFL would press the 49ers and Oakland Raiders to share the Santa Clara stadium in order to secure the financing, but York said there is no link to the $200 million contribution. "We've been asked to keep the communications open," said York, adding that he worked out and had lunch with Raiders owner Mark Davis earlier Thursday in Indianapolis.

Amy Trask, the Raiders CEO, declined to comment because she's tied up with NFL business in Indianapolis, but she has said in the past the team is exploring all options for a new stadium, including the possibility of joining the 49ers."

Here's how much club seats in the new stadium will cost. The cost of the cheaper seats won't be released till this summer:


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