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NFLN showing clips from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's state of the union address says league might expand to 34 teams if it returns to L.A. market, with the expansion teams playing in L.A. He's says he wants to keep teams where they ARE now....

Question is.. If the Raiders do move back to L.A, Do you do what half the fan base of the Raiders did 30 years ago & jump on the 49'ers bandwagon?

It was the worst possible outcome for Al Davis maintaining his northern Cali fanbase when he moved South... Sure the Raiders won their fairshare of Lombardis in L.A but the early 80's saw one of the greatest dynasty form in the history of all sports.. the mighty 49'ers who won 5 Lombardis over the span of the next 15 or so years.

I have my own pros & cons about a move to Los Angeles.

*More Coverage for International fans (media talks about us more, more prime time games are alloted cause it's L.A)
*Raiders have easier ability to attract free agents (SOCAL>NOCAL lifestyle, weather is better... Plus L.A has a large population & you'd be able to attract a bigger pool of players cheap on the hometown discount "Like your Marcus Allens")

CONS: (A lot of gameday Cons for me)
*Alienated fanbase (sure it'd be sweet for L.A Raider Nation, But the Bay Area would truly become a Niner town)
*Ticket pricing (You can kiss goodbye the rowdy blue collar hardcore fan, We'd be the new Wine&Cheese Nation)
*Farmers Field (All but rules out the tailgating experience, Hopefully Dodgers Stadium becomes a NFL reality)
*Couldn't visit my RNP friends and families @ Kingsford Kirk tailgate... But I'm sure there'd be a bunch of NoCAL fans who'd still make every game in SoCAL cause they bleed silver & Black... Just like you meet people at the Coliseum who fly up from L.A every Sunday. (They can afford too, but it's not possible for everyone)

Hey last thought, I wonder if the city of Oakland would have a good enough case to sue Mark Davis if he did want to move to Los Angeles? The law suit could aim to achieve what the people of Seattle did when their Sonics moved to Oklahoma or what the people of Cleveland did when the former Browns ownership wanted to do when they moved to Baltimore??? I guess there is a precedent that the Davis family has already moved to Los Angeles so that he'd probably win that case... But would fence sitters like Raider MIKE be keen to support the Raiders if owned by another group & Mark splits to L.A & turns the Raiders into the L.A Hotrods football team.

Bowl cut doesn't give a frogs fat azz about th raiders, he will milk them dry then sell the team.  He will go where the money is.  he would move the team to Iran if the price was right


--- Quote from: RAIDER MIKE on February 03, 2012, 04:32:00 PM ---This article just posted by Kingsford Kirk on FB ...makes me feel a little better and shut the talk down a little ...take a read the NFL wants to expand to 34 teams and use LA as the site!

--- End quote ---

That's good and bad. Every time they expand the league and add more teams, it makes it that much harder to make the Superbowl. Right now, with 32 teams......if all teams were equal......each team would win one Superbowl every 32 years. With 34 teams it would average to 34 years!

It's been 29 years since the Raiders won their last it's almost our time! Let's see.....we last won in 1983. Add 32 years.....that would have us winning in 2015. Then with 34 teams we would be due for our next win in 2049. I can't wait! I'll be 96.  ???

Matty Raider:

--- Quote from: RAIDER MIKE on February 03, 2012, 04:32:00 PM ---This article just posted by Kingsford Kirk on FB ...makes me feel a little better and shut the talk down a little ...take a read the NFL wants to expand to 34 teams and use LA as the site!

--- End quote ---

Great link - thanks Mike.  Goodell can suck it though.  Him and his "small market" areas/teams he is always yapping about.  He wants to move less "sexy" teams to major cities - i.e. Jacksonville, Buffalo, etc.  Especially Buffalo - not only b/c it is my home state but that it is actually the only REAL team that plays in NY.  (Giants and Jets play in NJ)  The Raiders/Bills games there are great contests and it's ball-busting btwn fans the entire time.  Bills fans are die-hard and they love their team.  It's all a f'n money grab.  Buffalo is a great city and a great atmosphere for football.  These suits want all glitz and glamour, they don't give a damn about history or their fans.  The league has enough teams already - if you don't think so, anyone care to watch a Browns/Bucs game????  :P  I actually became a Raiders fan when they were in LA in the late 80s.  I am glad they moved back to Oakland and it is my hope they will always stay there.   


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