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Stadium Issues

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Raider Frank:
I know that the “O” needs a lot of work, luxury boxes, smaller stadium etc....

I can see them sharing a stadium with the 49ers.
But the prices they are going to charge their fans are outrageous.
They can almost guarantee an empty stadium or filled with a lot of corporate wannabes

Those costs that they will try to get from Raider fans, well good luck
Not the hard hat, working class types that are real Raider fans.
I know we have fans that are Lawyers and Doctors and the like
but the majority of fans are like all of us.

Stay in Oakland or find a new site in the Bay area

With one goal in mind
“Just win Baby”
Go Raiders
Raider Frank

As an Englishman the very idea of a sporting organisation simply moving lock, stock and barrel to another area is unthinkable! I can only think of one example where a soccer team team did this, Wimbledon moved to Milton Keynes a mere 63 miles away ( not that far in US terms ) and the backlash and controversey were enormous! This is because a sporting organisation over here is so much part of a communities identity that it defines you. If I go anywhere round the globe and I'm asked where Im from the mere mention of Manchester invariably leads to a response of, "Ah! Manchester United!!!", usually followed by a role call of their favourite past players! The vast majority of fans have a club or team 'bestowed upon them' due to their geographic home. For example I know lots of guys that grew up as Rochdale fans because that's where they lived and subsequently have watched lesser standard soccer than a friend who lived a few miles up the road who could claim to support a bigger club like Manchester United or Manchester City.

I say all this because it must be heartbreaking to have your club ripped from your breast and plonked down somewhere near LA with no thought being given to the fans who have supported the organisation in the most important way I.e. filling the stadium and putting ticket money in the hands of the owners.

There are many things to admire in American sport such as the draft system and the excitement of the play-offs but the 'franchise' culture is one aspect that I'm pleased to say we don't have here in the UK.

PS I hope that if the Raiders do relocate to LA then I hope the enthusiasm of Randy and Gregs to produce the podcast does not diminish as its a lifeline here in the UK as to all things Raiders and I really enjoy the show.

Keep up the good work, Raiders for life!

Can't stand this topic as much as how long it's been since we won a SB! World looks more and more like its going to end in 2012 like the movie! :) hehehe

Sent from my iPhone bitch!

Mark Davis, post-presser: “Los Angeles is a possibility. Wherever is a possibility”

Yeah, keep the raiders in oakland, we have enough trouble with the doyers fans out here (joke)


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