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Stadium Issues

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As I read this I'm trying to figure out if this is hurts or improves the raiders chances of:

a) getting league approval for funding for a new Oakland stadium when presented
b) increases chances of the raiders playing in the santa Clara with the 9rs
c) worst case moving to LA (IMO)?

Curious, does anyone not living in the bay area care?

Owners Approve Loan for 49ers

for the Santa Clara stadium...

"N.F.L. owners, in a brief meeting here Thursday, approved a $200 million loan for the San Francisco 49ers, who hope to soon break ground in Santa Clara, Calif., on a replacement for Candlestick Park.

The stadium, which would be across the street from the 49ers’ training facility, is likely to cost about $1 billion, and will seat about 68,000 people. The rest of the project will be funded by an $850 million construction loan that Santa Clara approved in December.

Site preparation has already begun for the stadium and it could be ready for the 2014 or 2015 season. There remains the chance that the Oakland Raiders – who are also badly in need of a new stadium – could share the stadium with the 49ers. That would solve one of the N.F.L.’s thorniest problems – all of its teams in California need new stadiums, and a new stadium will also have to be built In Los Angeles before a team moves there, but there is little support for publicly-funded stadiums in the state."

Tokai Raider:
I think California University is where the kids from Beverly Hills 90210 went to college. (It was one of the few English shows on TV when I first moved to Japan.)

Where the Raiders would play for a few years while the stadium is built would be relatively easy to arrange. Candlestick, maybe, Cal, or Stanford. The bigger issue is who would pay for it and how much would tickets cost. Anyone want to pay $80,000 for the right to get season tickets on the 50 yard line at the Niners' new stadium? If you thought the last PSLs were bad, just wait for the new ones.

The Warriors are so full of shit it's unbelievable. They claim that they have the oldest arena, or the second-oldest, or something, when their arena was completely gutted and rebuilt just recently. It's not the same arena, but they whine that it is. And then the press repeats the lie. Why? Because the SF papers want the team in SF. Meanwhile, they fill the stands even though they haven't been a relevant team since Rick Barry played for them. And that was so long ago that Rick Barry's kids aren't even playing anymore. Sure there was Run DMC, but a couple years of success doesn't make you relevant. Consistent winning does. So let those fuckers leave. They have a brand-new training facility in Oakland and a new arena, but all they care about is the increased value of the team when they sell it. So fuck 'em.

The A's are moving to SJ. Sad, but true.

Can a "Coliseum City" live with only 1 sports tenant that only has 8 home games a year? The Raiders and Niners should share a stadium. It makes sense financially. And maybe with 2 teams, they could cut the cost of the PSLs so that someone other than Larry Ellison could afford them. It would be great if that stadium were in Oakland, and the Coliseum is a good spot for that. It has a freeway, BART, and Amtrak service, and it could be rebuilt so it's not so ... barren. But we need to remember that wherever these teams play, the price of tickets will be ridiculously high.


--- Quote from: RaiderWildeStyle on January 20, 2012, 09:36:27 AM ---

Coliseum City isn't happening...The Question I must raise is if the Raiders do get involved in this Coliseum City (& knock the old one down) where do they play for those 3 or 4 years it would take to build the new structure??? Could CAL University host them???

--- End quote ---

Your Bay Area knowledge is always impressive, especially considering you're "down under". One minor error in your wording though....I've never heard of the University of California referred to as "CAL University". I've heard it referred to as:

The University of California
UC Berkeley
Cal Berkeley
UC Berkeley

or just plain "Cal"

but not "CAL University"  ;)


--- Quote from: RaiderWildeStyle on January 20, 2012, 09:36:27 AM ---

Coliseum City isn't happening...

If the Raiders move to Los Angeles (or elsewhere)... You won't hear anything until the 11th hour (week 16 of 2013 season) because Mark Davis & Co would be idiotic to tell of their L.A intentions and watch the Raider Nation boycott the organization in masses whilst the Raiders play out the 2012 'n' 2013 seasons of their O.Co stadium lease.

--- End quote ---

You're right about that. That's how I was able to get my first season tickets for the Raiders in 1980. They had been sold out for almost a decade and there was a long waiting list of people wanting season tickets.....until.....word got out that they were planning to move to LA......then people got mad, started giving up their season tickets, and I was able to get them for the '80 and '81 seasons.....then they did move to LA.

By the way, I was paying $170 per season for my one seat back then....$17 a game. Now I pay $151 a game. Well, I'm in the club section now....a little better than the wooden bleacher seat I had back then....but it was fun! They didn't always win though. They had their troubles back then too.

In 1981 the Raiders were SHUT OUT in three consecutive games. Games 4, 5, and 6. 16-0 at Detroit, 17-0 at home vs the Broncos, then 27-0 at KC. One of my friends, who was a 49ers fan, went to the record books and told me that the last team to have three consecutive shutouts handed to them was the New York Yankees football team. Did any of you even know there was a Yankees football team? They played in the "First" AFL in 1926, then the NFL in '27 and '28.

After those three shutouts in '81, the Raiders finally won against Tampa Bay 18-16 in game 7 to break the shutout streak. Three consecutive shutouts is an all-time record the Raiders still share with the Yankees. The Raiders finished that season 7-9.....then played in LA the following year....the strike shortened 1982 season where they finished 8-1.....then had the Superbowl year in '83.


I looked up the New York Yankees football team's 1928 season game scores, and they actually got shut out 4 consecutive games. But the 2nd of those 4 shutouts was not a loss, it was a tie (0-0) against the Packers. Check it out!


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