Stadium Issues

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Coliseum board considers lease extensions for Raiders, Athletics
David DeBolt,

League tells teams not to cut their own L.A. deals

Raider Dee:
It's the Dolphins by the way , when you've finished arguing amongst yourselves.

Who's Coming to London! ?   8)


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Please PM me your address so I can FedEx your Tebow jersey to you...Bronco Mike...has a nice ring to it

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Your hilarious! about crying like a baby!...Thanks for all the time you spent posting about Me...I don't give out autographs sorry.... I GOT YOU!  Hahahahaha
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Come on Now..

Lets settle down with the name calling, We might not agree on who's city this team is but there is no need to make wild accusations like we are Broncos fans.

As for Coliseum City.. What a joke. This was a meeting attended by fans and councilmen. no team owners, no deep pocket investors in attendance. these Saudi Arabians better start talking (then walking) about a commitment to this development if it's only 1 team. I can gaurentee you that unless Lew Wolff sells his team the A's ain't staying in Oakland.

The Warriors have put money into this SF project. but i could see a team like the Kings, Bucks etc moving to the East Bay and then the Bay Area becoming a 2 hoop team town.

But i struggle to see how this development can succeed honestly with only 8 football games a year where it would be built on the back of a restaurant/entertainment precint which would be more beneficiial if they had baseballs 81 home games and hoops 41 homes games a year.

but time will tell.. and time is ticking!!!

Mark Davis saying all the right things which is positivie.. time to speak up "Deep Pocketed Investors"


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