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Stadium Issues

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Investment group offers to purchase Coliseum, keep Raiders in Oakland

LAS VEGAS -- A plan to build an NFL stadium in Las Vegas and lure the Raiders from Oakland crossed a major hurdle Thursday when a Nevada oversight committee voted unanimously to recommend $750 million in public funding for the project.

Raiders to Las Vegas? Stadium proposal clears major hurdle

SNTIC unanimously recommends Raiders Las Vegas stadium funding

Stadium plan to lure Raiders to Las Vegas passes vote

Wayne Newton would try to buy a slice of Las Vegas Raiders

Are Raiders closer to exit with Las Vegas approving new stadium?">Are Raiders closer to exit with Las Vegas approving new stadium?

Raider G360:
I feel like the Raiders will be staying in Oakland. My guess on why the city of Oakland has been dragging their feet on a new stadium is that they want the Raiders to be a winning team first then, magically, the money to help build a new stadium will appear.

The Raiders will be a winning team this year (I'm predicting at least 11-5). I think the excitement surrounding their success early in the season will be a driving force in negotiations with the city of Oakland. Playoffs will also be a huge factor. I believe Oakland wants to see a football team that has a bright future, and right now that's the Raiders.

Another Porter:
I live in England and havent had the chance to attend a game in Oakland yet, but the Raiders, for me, belong in Oakland. I hope they find a way to stay. I wantdd to come over this yeaf but cant afford it as I'm getting married in New York on Monday.

Oakland: New investor on board for Coliseum City
By Matthew Artz, Oakland Tribune


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