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Stadium Issues

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Anyone feel like weighing in on the tarps going up on Mt Davis?

Not a good look for the raiders quest to build a new stadium when they have to downsize their attendance levels. I guess they want their product on tv and were sick and tired of offering these 2 for 1 packages.

Coliseum Authority to study plans for new Oakland Raiders football stadium and entertainment district
Oakland Tribune

Coliseum Authority Approves $1 Million in Stadium Studies Despite Tenuous Support From Raiders

No NFL team in Los Angeles for 2013

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--- Quote from: RAIDERNITEMARE on September 28, 2012, 04:25:10 AM ---Oh yeah....its gonna happen under Mark Davis's watch...its a can you not be in the L.A. market with a bunch of Raiders fans from L.A. to Indio to Riverside, and even San Diego!...and lets not forget the Raiders Arizona fan base...its jus a matter of time... 8)

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Whether its L.A or Oakland. I'd love to see the raiders sell 7 game season packages for the town they are based in & then 1 game a year they play in the alternative city (Santa Clara stadium or Farmers Field)

If the Bills can play a game in Toronto once a year. Why not the raiders in SoCal?

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A full season ticket is 10 games. Can't get it without the two preseason games. They do have a "half-season package" though, which is 5 games. Best of all, they are all regular season games. Plus you get "priority access" to single game tickets, so someone could always get a couple more games if they wanted. But then you'd be on your own for the away games. But that's the way it is for all the teams.

I had no idea the Bills have been playing one game a year in Toronto since 2008. Sounds interesting. I know where Crusader Raider would like the Raiders to play one of their "home" games.   ;)


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