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great podcast regardless of the mic! you got used to it after the first 2 mins! im pumped! after listening to the show man playoffs? PLAYOFFS? TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS. hhahaha good shit but we can do it! tom cable even is talking playoffs himself and hey you have to start somewhere!


--- Quote from: NEBRASKARAIDER on March 19, 2009, 05:02:02 AM ---Let me know where you guys usually tailgate & we'll come over & have a couple of beers with ya.

--- End quote ---

We have a map with instructions on how to find our tailgate party in the forum in the "Socially Related Stuff" section.

Here's a direct link:

Raider Rodney:
Those are some impressive stats ;)

Looking for me & my buddy to fly out to California for a game this upcoming season. Do some tailgating with you guys if we can find ya. Let me know where you guys usually tailgate & we'll come over & have a couple of beers with ya. I was listening to the last podcast and heard that you guys haven't made it out to Donkeyville. My buddy & I drove over 1,200 miles to see our Raiders kick those bronc-a-hoes' butts in '08. Great stuff man, great stuff. Need a DT in the draft, have to be able to stop the run. Been Doing some research on this Barnes we picked up & he ain't lookin' too bad. Still need some assistance though on the O-Line. Can't wait for the draft & the next podcast. Keep up the great work guys... I'm out Brotha.


--- Quote from: Randy on March 19, 2009, 04:37:45 AM ---
--- Quote from: Raidersully on March 19, 2009, 04:33:22 AM ---I think you just came up with the new Raider Nation Podcast t-shirt. On the front you have THE RAIDER NATION PODCAST and on the back you have WE'RE HUGE IN NEPAL!

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Yeah....everybody knows Raider Greg in Kathmandu!

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The only celebrities they know in Kathmandu Raider Greg and Bob Seger.


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