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I think you just came up with the new Raider Nation Podcast t-shirt. On the front you have THE RAIDER NATION PODCAST and on the back you have WE'RE HUGE IN NEPAL!

I hadn't checked our podcast download stats in probably 7 or 8 months.....and I just checked them last night.......and thought I'd post what I found. It's pretty interesting I think to see how many people are downloading the podcast.......and from what countries.

Naturally we get more listeners during football season, but here is a year-long average......of how many downloads we get PER WEEK, from each country.

Raider Nation Podcast Download Stats

United States4898United Kingdom432Nepal128Canada124China124Germany67Mexico43Australia38Japan23Sweden18Ireland12Thailand8The Netherlands8France5Guatemala4Panama3Norway3Guam2Denmark1Singapore1Other Countries99
Total Downloads per week:  6200 (approx.)

Raider Greg is "blowing up" in Nepal! 128 downloads a week from Nepal? That one surprised me. Nepal is #3 behind the US and the UK? Ahead of Canada and Mexico? Shoot, China is ahead of Mexico!

I can see the people over in China trying to understand Greg.
One Chinese listener to another......."Bow-shit?    ......he say.......Bow-shit?"

Chinese listener #2 responds....."Quaaaaa-Maaaay........I looooove it!"

P.S.    If you're that one guy in Singapore who downloads the show each week......or the one guy in Denmark.......you need to call the Boneline! We want to hear from you! At least post a message in the forum. You're representing your countries single handedly!

Little late but the Bronco one was top 3 of all time....

Crusader Raider:
The denver podcast was a classic, hope you haven't found one from Kansas, it could make painful listening.



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