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Nice Forum Randy!



--- Quote from: LB_RA1D3R on November 13, 2008, 06:20:56 AM ---Nice New Forum Randy!   ;D

Like the Themes you set up

--- End quote ---

Thanks. I started to make one of the new themes (the one called "Black and White" the default theme, because I liked the colors better (more in line with the Raiders colors).....but then I noticed that the controls were in different places (the buttons that are normally in the top middle of the page were off to the left more). Some other things were laid out differently too, so I decided to just make the same theme we had been using on the old forum the default so that people wouldn't lot on for the first time and become confused. I hope that people can figure out on their own how to select the various themes to see what they look like and decide on their own which one they prefer using.

I haven't had time to transfer over everyone's membership (I have to do them all one at a time!) because I'm working on show #216 right now. Probably won't finish the show tonight either (even though I made coffee at 9pm!) but hopefully I will have time to finish the show by tomorrow afternoon (from the fire station) and then I can work on transferring the rest of the accounts. I have about 50 done........260 or so to go!

Nice New Forum Randy!   ;D

Like the Themes you set up


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