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Matty Raider:
Found this article on Silver & Black Pride -

ESPN montage shows every Superdome Super Bowl winner except the Raiders.  Really classy move jerkoffs.  We shit stomped the Eagles and Jaworski still cries about it.  The montage was written by Rick Reilly. 

houston raider:
    Colin failed to mention the Houston Texans fanbase....they(Texans) had about 3000 tickets they hold back for single game home sales and all but 100 were sold out in 5 minutes(when they went on sale yesterday)....i don;t listen to the Texans flagship station 610am.....they are so deep in texans B-sh@T they aren;t even objective....there fans are talking Super bowl for at least the next two years....the Astros baseball team was out of contention since OPENING day...i live behind enemy lines:O).The win the Raiders had against the Texans last year was a real Sore spot/FLUKE with them-they acted like the Raiders were inferior-they have for a LONG time held this conclusion...they are drinking the Koolaide....really Pathetic....a JOKE!!!!!

2012 Previews and Predictions: The Oakland Raiders “Won’t Win Baby”

Matty Raider:
I love it!!!

Thanks for the comparison as well.  Raiders were MONSTERS then.  I was born in '76 and one of my Uncles always loves to tells me about Oakland back in the 70s. 

So funny Randy, great pic!!!! ;D :P


--- Quote from: Matty Raider on May 18, 2012, 08:03:08 AM ---
--- Quote from: Randy on May 18, 2012, 12:09:09 AM ---Raiders' fanbase ranked 6th "Most Delusional Fanbase" by ESPN radio's Colin Cowherd

The "Tebow" fanbase was ranked #1 most delusional

Top 10 list:

10. Chicago Bulls
9. New York Knicks
8. College basketball
7. Big Ten football
6. Oakland Raiders
5. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
4. Dallas Cowboys
3. Penn State football
2. Notre Dame football
1. Tim Tebow

Complete article:

--- End quote ---

Well, I must be a wacko then, I love Notre Dame football too ;D

Cowherd forgot a glaring one though----- the fanbase of the NY Jets, my lord, I live amongst them.  Every year their fans run their pieholes and think they're going to the Bowl.....

--- End quote ---

That's funny Matty, because when I was in my late teens, early 20's....a friend of mine was a Joe Namath fan....therefore a Jets fan.....and EVERY year from about '71 to the end of Namath's time with the September would friend would out of the blue, get all excited and say, "THE JETS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR!"  ;D (when Namath was all banged up, wearing big knee braces on both knees, and the Jets were doing nothing)

Jets records in those years (and the Raiders for comparison):

'71: Jets 6-8        Raiders 8-4
'72: Jets  7-7       Raiders 10-3-1
'73:  Jets 4-10     Raiders 9-4-1
'74:  Jets 7-7       Raiders 12-2
'75:  Jets 3-11     Raiders 11-3
'76:  Jets 3-11     Raiders 13-1


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