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Chiefs taking a look at Sharrif Floyd
Bill Williamson, ESPN

Dumervil told the Broncos he was resigning with them...agreed to a $4 Million pay cut to stay with a Superbowl contender, told his agent....but the fax from the agent to the Broncos didn't arrive until 6 minutes after the deadline.....and the Broncos were forced to cut him 7 minutes earlier. Dumervil has since fired his agent.

"Elvis Dumervil had made up his mind.

He would slash $4 million from his salary in order to stay with the Denver Broncos, the team that drafted him in 2006, rather than take a chance on the free agent market and risk playing for less money or a for a team that wouldn't be a Super Bowl contender...Dumervil's signed contract didn't spit out of a fax machine at Broncos' headquarters until six minutes after deadline, at 4:06 p.m. Seven minutes earlier, the Broncos had filed paperwork of their own, formally releasing Dumervil and voiding the rest of his contract that was to pay him $12 million guaranteed in 2013.

The latter transaction is the one that will count with league, not the verbal agreement Dumervil and the team reached a short time earlier, and the end result is that Dumervil is a free agent.

The Broncos are relieved of Dumervil's $12 million salary, but have also lost a core player they were hoping to keep."

I love it!

He was videotaped adding a $5 chip to three bets after the dice had already rolled. Wow....this guy is a real high roller!

Suzy Kolber and Chris Mortensen discuss the 49ers trading Alex Smith to the Chiefs (VIDEO)

CBS Sportswriter Jason LaConfora thinks Alex Smith is going to the KC Chiefs
95.7 "The Game" - Feb. 25, 2013
The 49ers have reportedly told Alex Smith that a trade is done, but they can't announce it yet by league rules. They said the trade is not to the Cardinals, and speculation is that the trade IS with the Chiefs.

They also discuss Carson Palmer's situation with the Raiders and Manti Te'o


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