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Al Davis - A Football Life


Essex Raider:
I'm not going to be posting it online.  I got this copy from TYT what I'm offering is to burn copies to CD and post them to people.  So if you want a copy PM me your address and I'll send copies out.

yeah send us the link too essexraider if you post it online.

Raider Rodney:
I'd like to download a copy if possible?  Have it on the dvr but I don't really have a way to get it off :/

Essex Raider:
First let me say, Randy if you think this thread is inappropriate please delete it.

To those in the UK who are interested I have a copy of NFL Films' Al Davis - A Football Life.  This was braodcast in the US on 12th November 2011 and takes a indepth look at Al's Life including on and off field footage.

It's a 45 Min 500MB mp4 file and anyone who wants a copy on CD should send me a PM and I'll send one.


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