Crusader Raider (London, England) Photos


Crusader Raider:
Latest pictures have now been uploaded on my facebook site from the Crusader Raider and big Dave Chapmans weekend in New York, the tailgate, fans, food, friendship was great , just a shame the Raiders did not come to the party Hopefully Randy can get some pictures up on here or you guys can view them on my facebook site. Also we hope Randy can edit the boneline and fans messages we recorded before , during and after the game, keep the faith, the club can get no lower.

Crusader Raider's American tour 2007

From left to right...

Big Dave Chapman from London England
Robert Moorehead the "Tokai Raider"
Crusader Raider Keith Smith
Raider Greg
Richard Chapman from London England (Dave's brother...get well Richard)

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Keith Smith "The Crusader Raider" emailed us these photos taken at the Wembley game he attended.
Click on the thumbnail photos to see larger version. You can download them if you want.


Check out Crusader Raider's 2008 European Tour.

Click on the link below, then near the lower left corner of the web page it takes you to, click on "Slideshow" to view all of his photos full screen. You can also view them in Grid, Mosaic, or Carousel mode. Try each of them.

Keith Smith (aka Crusader Raider) represented Raider Nation well, as he travelled on his 2008 European Tour of London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Cologne.

European Tour


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