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Another Porter:
Helu is an excellent pick up, I thjnk a lot of fans will be surprised.

Matty Raider:
Hope Trent Richardson can regain his rookie form.  He's only 23 with not a lot of miles. 

Raider fans on social media are hilarious.  They act like we signed him to a 5Y/$30M deal.  Dude, it's 2Y for 3.9M.  To get any more money, he has to perform. 

Last year's backfield - Murray, McFadden, Jones-Drew

This year - Murray, Helu, Richardson. (And that's only if another RB isn't signed or drafted)

It's an upgrade IMO.


Matty Raider:
I think Reggie is waiting now for the cuts of 2nd tier players...a lot of them in the next couple weeks.  I'd like him to address the pass rush.  We could see Mack coming off the edge this year too. 

I called in Friday afternoon to the boneline...I was ticked about the signing of Ponder.  I guess he knows Musgrave's offense but I don't care for his play.  Always thought of him as a bust, well at least as high as he went.

Here is an article I found that calmed me down a little bit.

Raider Frank:
Iím not saying not to get AP, but we need some help to make him successful. We need to get a guard and a WR for help.
I have been leaning towards White because of his height. Cooper will be good as well, But I think we wonít know who will be more successful until year 3. Whoever they draft in rd1, then they need to go O-lineman (best available) in rd 2 who they think can start, If they go Def than a DT that can take over yr 2. If they sign AP, than WR again or CB in rd 3. If they donít get AP than a RB .

They need to have a punishing line, Aggressive! I like the defensive signings so far. It could have been better but not by much.  But as I said they need to have a deep team.

Dwayne Bowe on a 2-3yr rental contract maybe loaded with goals and incentives would be ideal, out of Cecil Shorts or Stevie Johnson I think they are the same player so Cecil Shorts is my pick based on age.

Have any of you noticed how many ex vikings players or coaches we have on the roster, I think itís 7 or 8, now Christian Ponder? I donít know what that signing is about other than Bill Musgrave must have liked him in Minn.

I agree which is why I would still have taken AP over Murray. AP is a power runner who breaks takles. Demarco depended on the line opening holes. We are slowly but surely working on the o-line beefing it up so I do not thinking it will be nearly as bad. As far as wideouts it looks like that is the direction they are going to go in the draft(hoping) since we haven't even been talking to any it seems. Amari seems to be the most NFL polished ready watching the tape on him. Would you go Amari or White if they go receiver? Also with streater back and James jones not a hoirrble mix. I wouldn't even mind them looking at Bowe( I know I know) but he was doomed to having Alex smith as a QB who would throw to anyone who was slightly covered. Carr would be much better for him.

--- Quote from: Matty Raider on March 13, 2015, 11:34:53 AM ---
--- Quote from: Raider Frank on March 12, 2015, 10:05:20 PM ---Do the Raiders have an offensive line that can block for AP? I donít think so. Not yet any way. The way he runs they need to create some big holes. The Raiders also donít have anyone on the outside(WR) that can create a secondary option so teams will put 8 in the box or play man.

The Raiders have Derek Carr and......... he has no one to throw to that can create mismatches. If the Raiders draft Cooper is he ready to go on day one of the season? So your starters are Cooper, James, Butler or Streater. There is still a lot of work to do but with what players, they have the cash. Teams have been willing to trade but Reggie isnít going to give up draft picks.

The Raiders better get some more defensive players because they are going to be on the field a lot and they will need the all the help they can get. Same story as years past.

I only hope Derek Carr gets some help or they will burn him out and not progress.

--- End quote ---

I completely agree Raider Frank.


Let's go Reggie, get the kid some wideouts.

PS - Percy Harvin is a locker room cancer.  He's a bum.

--- End quote ---


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