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Salaries and Salary Cap Issues

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More than half of Wimbley's 2012 salary is guaranteed

NFL guarantees are occasionally pipe dreams

"Get ready for the myth of the salary cap"

Randy thanks for creating this thread. I have to be honest I've spent the last day or so consumed with Stanford Routt's contract and RaiderWilde's post around how him being but effects our 2012 cap.

When Routt was cut I was like "wow"! I was more in shock with the potential cap impact it would have vs losing our best corner.

I know no contract is the same and he did sign a 5yr 54 million contract last year. Reports now indicate a 2.2 million cap hit by cutting him before March 1st. I was quite surprised of how little the cap hit was. Reports indicated his contract included 20 mill guaranteed (of the 54million) and i'm struggling to find out how it can only be a 2.2 million cap hit.

His contract:

2011- 10 mil
2012 - 5 mil + 5 mil roster bonus
2013 - 11.5 mil
2014 - 11.5 mil
2014 - 11.5 mil

RaiderWilde - I believe you were prorating the 20 mil guaranteed over the life of the contract 20/5yr = 4mill to come up with that 4 mil cap number. I believe this is correct if it were a signing bonus but I don't think he signed one. If the 20 mil was indeed a signing bonus and we cut him like we did prior to March 1st (new league yr) then the remaining proration becomes accelerated for 2012. In other words it would be a 16mil cap hit for 2012. 

I have to believe his contract is worded "20 million in guarantees" NOT "guaranteed". It was reported his contract included 20 mil guaranteed the first two years. It's mostly like he received his 10 mil in 2011 (guaranteed) and in 2012 his 5 mil base and 5 mil roster bonus were both "guaranteed" IF ON THE roster "guarantees" . So i'm thinking he's only going to walk away with the 10 million from 2011 and that's it, no future cap hits in year 2013-2015 and no future payouts.

What i'm still puzzled about now is where does this 2.2 mil cap hit come from.....

I think I read a rule in the new CBA that if a player ends up on IR then a NFL organization has to pay the player in full for the next season.

So that would mean players we can't cut are Hiram Eugene & Matt Shaugnessy.

Would love confirmation on this (if anyone knows).. I have a feeling this might of been a NFLPA proposal during Labor talk discussions or it might of been accepted by owners & now is concrete law.


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