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Salaries and Salary Cap Issues

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NJ Raider Kev:
Glad to see that Rolondo McLame is off the team, same goes for Tommy Kelly!  We'll need to give Reggie a fair shot of clearing out the team and setting things straight.  He was, after all, left with a mess.  I'm not too sure about Dennis Alan but I say we give reggie a shot.

Podcast 370 "Burn it to the Ground" put me in mind of a line that Jack Nicholson said (as the Joker) in Batman.
"This town needs an enema"!

...that's exactly what the Raiders are doing, getting rid of the shit.

Go Raiders!

Oakland Raiders Salary Cap Is in Order After Waiving Rolando McClain
Christopher Hansen, Bleacher Report

Team by team cap space as of Tuesday March 26th

Oakland Raiders: $2.8 Million

Notice that the Raiders are 5 teams from the bottom of the list in cap room, and the Packers are 6 teams from the top of the list. I wonder how long it will take Reggie to get the Raiders up along side the Packers? I wonder if we'll start seeing some silver and black cheese-head costumes in the Coliseum?

New Branch deal clears more than $7 million in cap space
Mike Florio,

Mike Florio of gives his opinion on the Raiders cap trouble and rumors of their interest in Geno Smith


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