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NJ Raider Kev:

--- Quote from: houston raider on July 26, 2012, 12:54:51 PM ---Do you see many Raider fans in your area kev?It was nice meeting you and your fiance at the Broncos game this past year...what game are you All going to this year?

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Hey Steve,
The tailgate was off the hook! Everyone should experience that at least once in their lifetime!
It was great meeting you and everyone else there. I think about it all of the time!

There are a few Raider Fans here, I'm always bumping into them.  It's Eagle territory out here though, who tend to be dillusional, even the team's claiming that they will be a dynasty.

Not sure if we'll be able to make any games this year, though.  My fiancee's daughter was married this year and that cost a pretty penny.  I'd like to go to the game in Baltimore, it's only a couple of hours away from us.

Go Raiders!

houston raider:
hey kev,
I am Glad that you got the Sunday ticket at that Great landlord just got direct tv....and i thought about paying the 199.00 myself....but i go to Mollys pub to support the owner Jeff(5 years now)...he has been showing the Raider games Forever-I am the Only Raider fan there.The few other Raider fans i have met have Direct tv and the Sunday ticket at their houses.Since the Raiders usually have late games jeff puts them on in the packers room....the Biggest flat screen in this Big sportsbar....but i have to get their early because the Bronco fans have been showing up the past few seasons(for their late game starts)-esp during tebows reign.Do you see many Raider fans in your area kev?It was nice meeting you and your fiance at the Broncos game this past year...what game are you All going to this year?

NJ Raider Kev:

--- Quote from: NJ Raider Kev on April 24, 2012, 10:14:36 AM ---
--- Quote from: NCRaider on April 20, 2012, 05:03:19 PM ---For those of us with virtual season tickets, NFL Sunday Ticket under $200 this year.

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This is great news! I hope they keep the price under $200. It was getting very expensive. Maybe a few subscribers dropped out because of the high pricing.

Go Raiders!

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Here's the latest on the NFL Sunday Ticket "lower price".

NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX offers the ultimate football experience. For five payments of $59.99, you can see every NFL game, every Sunday on your TV or on your smartphone, plus enjoy DIRECTV's own Red Zone ChannelĀ®, Game Mix, Short Cuts and Player Tracker. Total cost would be $299.95

For the lower price of $199.95, you will not get the games on your smartphone, computer or tablet. No DIRECTV's own Red Zone ChannelĀ®. No Short Cuts.

I was automatically billed for the "Max" package but I called Directv.  They asked if I was familiar with the new Sunday Ticket Max, I said yes but that I was not happy about the Red Zone Channel being moved to this package.  The CSR said he will see if I can get that channel at no additional charge for the year.  By the time the call ended, I received the entire NFL Sunday Ticket Max upgrade at no additional charge, just paying for the $199.95 NFL Sunday Ticket price for the year!

Go Raiders!

Unsigned Draft Picks as of July 5th

Raiders will lead NFL in miles traveled during 2012 season
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