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NFL relaxes blackout rule....teams need to sell as few as 85% of the seats now

but  "...Under the new rule, each team has more flexibility to establish its own seat-sales benchmark as long as it is 85% or higher. To discourage teams from setting easy benchmarks, teams will be forced to share more of the revenue when they exceed it."

So I guess that means that if a teams sets their "benchmark" at 85%, and they end up selling out 100%.....they will have to share more of that last 15% than they did before. If they set it at 95% for instance, they share a lower percentage except for the last 5%.

Also, I just found out a little more info. Teams have to notify the NFL before the season starts as to what percentage they are opting for (if they want a percentage lower than 100%). They must select the same percentage for every game. So if you only want to have to sell 85% to avoid a blackout, it must be 85% for every game....even the popular ones that are likely to sell out 100%. Since the Raiders sold out every game last year, and there is a lot of excitement about the team going into this season, I would expect the Raiders to just keep things like they were in the past and not lower the benchmark percentage.

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Wu-Tang Hokie Raider:
Come back to LA.

Report: Roger Goodell sends out Los Angeles memo
Darin Gantt,
"Robert Kraft’s talking up London, but Roger Goodell’s sending out word he thinks Los Angeles might be closer to hosting an NFL team..."

Complete story:

Roger Goodell gives NFL guidelines for any relocation to L.A.
Los Angeles Times,0,6147779.story

Revolutionary Raider:

--- Quote from: Randy on June 27, 2012, 03:27:28 AM ---Kamerion Wimbley just fails to advance on "American Ninja Warrior"
Nate Stuhlbarg, Comcast SportsNet

--- End quote ---

I was watching that. Was crazy to see a man of his size get all the way through the whole course. Still irks me that he got away from our team. 

Kamerion Wimbley just fails to advance on "American Ninja Warrior"
Nate Stuhlbarg, Comcast SportsNet


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