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Four players suspended for BountyGate involvement

Junior Seau Dead in apparent suicide
Gunshot wound to the chest

Raiders statement:

LaMichael James the 49ers' answer to field-goal blues?

NJ Raider Kev:

--- Quote from: NCRaider on April 20, 2012, 05:03:19 PM ---For those of us with virtual season tickets, NFL Sunday Ticket under $200 this year.

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This is great news! I hope they keep the price under $200. It was getting very expensive. Maybe a few subscribers dropped out because of the high pricing.

Go Raiders!

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--- Quote from: Tokai Raider on April 23, 2012, 09:52:38 PM ---
--- Quote from: Randy on April 23, 2012, 09:24:22 PM ---Saints deny ESPN's eavesdropping allegations

Mickey Loomis, Saints deny eavesdropping allegations

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holy shit. this is huge. remember the accusation that al davis had bugged the visiting coaches' meeting rooms, and one coach yelled up at the lights for al to hear him? (c'mon randy, dig up that piece of history.)

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OK Robert. I found a few articles that talk about it, plus an article that details another interesting story of opponent's paranoia about Al Davis and the Raiders:

According to myth, former Chargers coach Harland Svare glowered at a light fixture in the Oakland visiting locker room in the late 1960s, hollering, "Damn you, Al Davis! I know you're up there!" Asked later if he bugged the lamp, Davis allowed only, "The thing wasn't in the light fixture, I'll tell you that."

This is the lesser-known vignette that tells an even better story: It is five days before Super Bowl XIX at Stanford Stadium (January 20, 1985 vs SF 49ers). The AFC champion Miami Dolphins have gathered at the Oakland Coliseum for media day. The Raiders, of course, are long gone, having deserted the Bay Area for Los Angeles after the 1981 season.

Miami coach Don Shula seems amused as he studies the grass. Someone asks him why he’s smiling. “I always thought Al Davis had something to do with this,” he says, pawing at the mushy, marshy turf. “I guess not.”


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