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Post your own Twitter links and comments in this folder

Started by Randy, May 09, 2011, 11:06:09 AM

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Virginia Raider



Hey guys.. i got a 2nd twitter handle


Some of you might already follow me by my real name, but i thought I'd get the 2nd twitter login going so that way my workplace HR Dept doesn't bust me for any inappropriate comments

I'm also like NCRaider... I only use it to stalk celebrities and get news events as they happen (my words not NCRaiders)

Hope to see y'all around.


You can follow me @mchouinard!/mchouinard

DISCLAIMER - I use twitter quite a bit...but I rarely tweet anything. I follow people for updates etc... if you aren't following OklandRaida84 or RaiderMike63 your are missing out...they are good for a laugh once a week.

Raider Jake

Follow me too!  @JakeErnst!/jakeernst



The SWARCO Raiders of Austria (partners of the Oakland Raiders) defeated the Raiffeisen Vikings in a playoff game today with a 34 yard field goal as the clock expired in regulation to advance to the Eurobowl Final!!/RAIDERS


Post your own Twitter links in this folder.

If you know any Twitter pages for Raiders players that I don't have on our main player list, post them in here and I will add them to the Raiders Player list.