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QUESTIONS about using the forum

Started by Randy, November 11, 2008, 05:39:52 PM

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I was doing a little housekeeping with the forum files, and I decided to delete some forum member accounts that were inactive. I deleted any account that had not been logged into for more than a year. When I did that, it deleted at least one account that I did not mean to delete. "RaiderRanier Las Vegas" had just registered for the forum, I had just approved his membership, but he hadn't logged in for the first time yet. When I told the forum software to delete any account that hadn't been logged into for more than 365 days, it deleted his....since he had never logged in...yet.

If you read this RaiderRanier, sorry about that! Please rejoin and I will approve your account right away. Also, anyone else who I may have deleted. Rejoin and get back into the forum. You can't make posts until you are a registered member. Let's not let this forum get too slow on the offseason like it usually does. You know.....the Raiders, the NFL, and Raider Nation Podcast are YEAR ROUND!


Sorry guys. I liked the look of that new theme called "Dark Don", and had made it the forum's default theme....but after using it for a couple of days, I decided that it's a little to hard to read the text sometimes. When it's a dark font on a dark background. So I changed the default back to the theme we had before...called "Blackhead".

If you like that new theme and want to use it, you can switch it yourself by following these instructions:

If you need any help let me know. There are some new themes you can try. Check them out!

P.S.  Juan, I reset yours back to the "Back n Black" theme that you were using before.

Matty Raider

I like it.  LOTS of black.  Suits the site well  8)


I actually added 4 new themes. The one that's set as the default is called DARK DON. I like the black and silver colors because they match the Raiders colors pretty well. Another one of the new ones is nice also. It's called ASTONISHED. It has a feature that DARK DON doesn't have that I like......along the top of the home page it has icons for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and RSS. If you switch to that theme you'll be able to link to all 4 of those pages with one click (Raider Greg's Twitter, Raider Greg's Facebook, our RNP YouTube page, and our RNP podcast feed). The one thing I DON'T like about ASTONISHED is that the font for all the forum categories is a violet color. I don't believe violet is associated with the Raiders in any that kind of screws that up. I wish that DARK DON had those icon links as part of its theme. Maybe they'll add it in the future.

We now have 11 themes to choose from. If you don't know how to switch, the instructions are here:

If you want our old default theme back, it is called Blackhead. You'll see it in the list after you get onto the theme settings page.

Let us know what you think about the new default theme. If you have any trouble let me know and I can help you or set your theme up for you. Greg? I'll be expecting your call.  :D


Raider Sully asked me this question, and I thought I'd repost my answer here in case it might help someone else. I'll post his question, then my answer:

To: Randy

Hate to bother you, but I had question and know you're the guy to talk to. How can I make a link to a story without typing the whole url by hand. By the way I have a Mac I don't know if that matters, but I felt I should tell you just in case. Any info would be helpful thanks in advance.

Raider Sully


To Raider Sully:

Greg and I both use Macs too. Doesn't really matter for copying a's the same on a PC pretty much.

Just click on the link so it takes you to the web page you want us to link to. Triple click (kind of fast) on the url window....and it will highlight the whole url. You could also just drag the cursor across the url to highlight it, but I think triple clicking is easier. Once the url is highlighted, then hit "command-c" (or Apple-c) depending what it says on your key (the key just to the left of the spacebar is the command key). Command-C is the "copy" command. Press that key at the same time as the C key....and you will be copying the url into the computer's memory. Then go to where you want to paste the link, click to put the cursor where you want the link to go, then hit "command-v" (paste), and the url will appear there. One last step to make sure the link works (if you're copying it into the forum), after the url appears, drag your cursor across the whole thing to highlight the url (every character of it), then go up to the little symbols below the "Subject" field

these symbols:

and click on the symbol that I drew the black arrow to. Third from the left on the bottom row. It will put url tags at each end of the url. The forum software likes these tags. The link might work without them, but it might not.

Hope you followed all that. If you have any trouble, let me know.


P.S.  For "non-Mac" users (Windows operating system)....... copy is control-c.....and paste is control-v. You can also access these commands in the edit menu at the top of your screen on either a Mac or a "non-Mac". I know this is basic for most of you, but it may help some people. We all had to learn at some point.

NJ Raider Kev

Quote from: oklandraida84 on November 15, 2008, 11:32:25 AM
randy is there a reason why the new posts are at the very bottom instead of the top? is there a way i can personalize it to make the newer posts at the top instead of the bottom?

Go into PROFILE and then LOOK AND LAYOUT PREFERENCES, then put a check next to
Show most recent posts at the top.

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Any technical questions, problems, requests go here.
Click "Reply" to start your post...

FORUM NOTICE..."Guests" of the forum (non-registered people) only have 4 "permissions". Registered members have 31 permissions.
Permissions are what give you the capability to do certain things.

The 4 things that guests can do are:

1) Search for posts and topics
2) View the Calendar of events
3) View polls
4) View attachments

Basically, this means that Guests can only "look around". Guests cannot "post" comments, they can only read posts of others. So register for an account. It just takes a minute....and you'll immediately get 27 new permissions to do all kinds of stuff you can't do now.

Here are some of the "permissions" that registered members get.....

• Create a personal profile
• Post comments
• Choose between 3 "Themes", to customize how you want your forum to look
• View the member list
• View forum stats
• See who's online
• Send (email) topics to friends
• Send personal messages to other members
• Assign an avatar or picture to represent yourself
• Create polls that people can vote on
• Create a buddy list
• Add links to your profile for other instant messengers and more (show your links to others...your website,  MSN messenger, AOL IM, Yahoo IM, ICQ, etc)

and more...

After you register, click on "Profile" in the center of your window near the top. On your profile page, you can create a profile about yourself, where you live, ad a picture or avitar, etc. On the left side of the profile page there are a bunch of links to other pages that enable you to set up your forum the way you want it (see attachment photo below)

JOIN THE FORUM! Then make a post in our GUESTBOOK. Tell us who you you became a Raiders fan....where you live, etc. We want to know who you guys are. We add the names of all new forum members to our home page at

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