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How to change your forum THEME (look and color of your forum pages)

Started by Randy, November 12, 2009, 02:34:25 PM

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You can change the look and color of your forum like this:

1. Put your cursor over "Profile" at top of page, then move down list to "Account Settings" and click

2. On the left under "Modify Profile", click on "Look and Layout"

3. To the right of "Current Theme", next to "Forum or Board Default" click on (change)

4. There are currently 13 themes to choose from. You can see thumbnail samples of what each theme looks like on the right. On the left you can "preview" the theme and/or click on  "Use This Theme" to select one and try it out.

Here are the current theme choices:

Forum or Board Default (this is our current default theme, the one everyone starts out's called "Dark Don". Good silver and black Raiders colors.
SMF Default Theme - Curve (This is the default theme of the company who makes the forum software, Simple Machines)
Back N Black (white text on a black background....with blue links)
Sinful Silver (I think this one looks pretty good....check it out)
Flint (Has an ash colored look. Pretty nice one too)
Darky (Pretty damn dark! But kinda cool looking)
StoneCurve (I like this one....a lot!.....maybe I should have made this one the default)
Silver theme - A light grey look....highlights locked boards in red (locked boards are "read only")
Blackhead (This was our previous forum default theme. Black on White)
ClickSafe Pro-DarkButton (Gray and Black colors.....not bad)
graystyle (another gray and black color scheme....and it also has Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Podcast feed link icons at top of page)
2.0 Sunset (Has a sunset picture at top, White windows with brown/tan highlights, clean look, easy to read)
Vertex (White with blue highlights, wide screen, clean look, easy to read. Only problem is Raider Greg's forum icon isn't showing at top)

To see what the theme looks like before you actually change to it, click on "Preview".